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Coding techniques for making smartphone apps have evolved a great deal over the last few years – thanks to the availability of the ever-increasing range of application development tools. For creating reliable and high-performance apps, you need to have in-depth knowledge about the ones mentioned below.


To create mobile applications that have an eclectic blend of enhanced user-experience and superior aesthetic features, developers typically use a host of sophisticated tools and programming codes. If you are an app developer, you need to keep a constant tab on all the latest mobile application tools that are being released – to be able to use them with ease in your software creations. We will here take you through some of these tools that you should know about:


  1. Firebase – This is one of the best tools for creating and maintaining internal databases inside mobile apps. Back-end collaboration with users is facilitated by Firebase too, with the help of its seamless data-sharing features. The value store of apps can be kept secure with this tool, ruling out probable post-installation problems.

  2. SDK (Corona Labs) – If you wish to develop two-dimensional Android apps for gaming, the SDK can go a long way in enhancing their efficiency and display options. It comes with an in-built physics module, along with a host of specimen codes – for the aid of developers using it for the first time. SDK is often used to develop customized apps for Kindle as well.

  3. CSS – In the domain of ipad and iphone development in India, the importance of open-source CSS tools can hardly be overemphasized. Using these codes helps in speeding up the development process, and also proves its worth during the app testing stages. Vital bug-fixing solutions can easily be included in the library, for future reference. However, you need to ensure that the CSS files in your app do not become too heavy.

  4. Capriza – Among developers of web-based apps, this tool is immensely popular. Capriza works entirely within the Mozilla Firefox browser, and requires only a single additional plugin. Model ‘zapps’ can be created with this tool, which bolsters the speed and overall performance of the apps – while keeping the development costs in check.

  5. Parse – Consultants from any good mobile application development company would agree that, Parse is the most user-friendly tool to create applications with custom Javascript codes. It also comes with high-end data sharing capabilities, and can be directly connected to multiple social media channels as well. The APIs generated by Parse can be set up for regular ‘push’ notifications too.

  6. Topcoat - Yet another CSS-based mobile application development tool – which developers often turn to, to provide an uncluttered feel to the layout of apps. Topcat is very useful for planning app upgrade schemes as well – since it allows coders to track the CSS files used, apart from helping them check the load times and overall app performance, on an ongoing basis. With the benchmarking reports generated by this tool, you can get a clear idea of the improvements required in your app (if any).

  7. Appcelerator - Also known as the Appcelerator Titanium, this is one tool that comes in handy for the development of Android, iphone, and even Blackberry apps. Holistic Javascript coding support is given by Appcelerator. It even has a clean cloud network architecture, for sending emails/notifications for users. Designated photo tables and location-based information are also present.

  8. Appgyver – In case you are planning to create HTML5 apps at your iphone application development company in India, it’s high time you increased your familiarity with the Appgyver tool. It has a special component (termed ‘Steroids’), which speeds up the entire process of developing native mobile apps. Appgyver also facilitates the task of uploading preliminary wireframes and mockups on the application development platform.

  9. Backbone – If all that you are looking for is a tool for encapsulating the app development data in a better manner, this tool would be perfectly suitable. The codes present in Backbone are short and easy-to-understand – and you can keep all the configuration data neatly organized with its help. Backbone is particularly handy when it is used for apps developed in the jQuery framework.

  10. LiveCode – In case you wish to try out slightly out-of-the-box coding techniques for creating smartphone apps, arrange for a mobile application development training session – and focus on the LiveCode tool. The development model provided by Live Code is interesting, and it can be used in collaboration with the iphone, Android and the Windows mobile platforms. Apps created by using LiveCode are generally closed-source.

  11. Tabris – JSON data packages are deemed to be vital for creating apps for iphones and Android handsets – and they can be generated with ease through the Tabris tool. For interpreting and implementing the JSON data, only a small set of widgets are required. The efficiency of Tabris, much like most other advanced mobile application development tools, depends on the reliability of its native server.


In addition to the above, you should also gather working knowledge on app development tools like Angular, Sencha Architect and Appery. Ember is yet another relatively new software tool, which combines the high points of both Angular and Backbone. Be familiar with all of these tools – they will help you in becoming an expert developer of all types of custom mobile applications.

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