11 Innovative, Reliable Mobile Apps For Women Safety

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To stay safe from the rapidly escalating issue of crime against women, custom mobile applications can prove to be really valuable. Some popular women safety apps have been deliberated upon, in what follows.

apps for women safety

In mid-2013, a report from World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that, about thirty-five percent of all women in the world have been subjected to serious crimes. It’s all very well to talk about changing the mindset of lust-driven perverts, but the need of the hour is for stuff that can assure ladies about their on-road safety. Realizing this need, many companies have come up with high-end, pre-tested mobile apps for women safety. We have here listed the best of these apps:


  1. On Watch – For young ladies who have to be out of home for extended hours, On Watch can be an extremely useful app. Emergency numbers (e.g., 911) can be directly called from the app, whenever a woman feels that she is being stalked and/or otherwise threatened. The application has seamless GPS integration, with which girls can keep her friends/guardians informed about her precise location at any time.

  2. Street Safe - Whenever there seems to be some danger, it is best to talk with someone on the phone – and that’s exactly what Street Safe facilitates. The mobile application development company in India which made the app included a custom Personal Safety Advisor feature in it, along with a Silent Alarm option. In case a call drops before a lady is back home, the nearest police station can be directly contacted via Street Safe.

  3. Cab4Me – Getting in a taxi at night is not a particularly risk-free idea for a woman – unless the cab happens to be from a trusted company. Through the Cab4Me app, ladies can look up reliable taxi agencies/vehicle hire companies in their locality, and get cars with trustworthy chauffeurs – for late-night trips. If you opt for the paid version of the app, you will even get the fare estimates for the journey. A woman no longer has to be an easy prey for shady cabbies!

  4. Nirbhaya – Among the Android apps for women safety, this one is undoubtedly one of the best. Emergency calls can be placed and messages can be sent out to a pre-chosen list of contacts, simply by shaking the handset on which the app has been installed. Locational information is sent out to contacts after every three hundred meters – ensuring that a lady is never ‘alone’ on the roads.

  5. bSafe – Speaking of never being alone, this app is definitely worth a mention in this regard. The presence of two different modes – the Timer Mode for automatic alarms and the Risk Mode for location-tracking – in the application bears testimony to the evolution of iPhone app development in India. bSafe has an advanced version too, and is also available for Blackberry and Android phones.

  6. Hollaback – Eve-teasers and stalkers are basically cowards at heart, and the Hollaback app aims to target precisely this mentality of theirs. Whenever a loiterer tries to harass a lady, the latter can take a snap of that person and directly publish it on the website of the parent company – ‘red-handed’, so to speak. The app can be used on crowded public vehicles – another favorite ground of perverts – as well. As soon as a person realizes that he can be snapped while making an indecent sexual advance to a woman, he is likely to cower away. Most criminals are like that!

  7. Scream Alarm! – The functionality of this app is pretty much what its name suggests – it emits a loud, shrill distress scream, on the click of a single button. A woman can press the call button, whenever she feels cornered by a stalker or a group of miscreants. Unless it is the dead of the night, there will always be passers-by willing to help the lady out.

  8. Circle of 6 – The thought of having as many as six people to call while walking down a secluded street is reassuring for any lady. The Circle of 6 application is particularly popular among college girls. There are three different numbers (including home and the police contact no.) that can be called through the application, along with options to share real-time GPS location data. Whenever you feel unsafe, give the app a couple of taps – help will be on hand, immediately!

  9. Sentinel – This one is a paid app, but its top-notch security features make it indeed worth buying and installing in smartphones. One click on the Sentinel application is all it takes for a woman in trouble to connect with her family-members and the authorities simultaneously. Hiring a personal bodyguard is hardly a feasible idea for a lady – but Sentinel serves as a more than worthy substitute.

  10. I Am Safe – If you are a young lady who loves to travel around, you would be well-advised to keep this app on your mobile handset. Through I Am Safe, you can stay connected with the phone of one trusted contact, and send that person your location updates at frequent, pre-specified intervals. Remember to turn on the GPS settings on your phone, and make sure that the app has been configured correctly.

  11. Guardly – Apart from having the emergency calling and location-tracking features that most of the women safety apps listed above come with, Guardly offers a vital additional advantage. Ladies can specify the precise type of emergency that they are facing, so that the help on hand proves to be of value. For instance, if a woman feels severe chest pain at night, she can use the app to immediately inform her contacts – along with her health profile and doctor information. From roadside hooligans to sudden health problems, Guardly promises to keep women safe from all issues.


If a lady is going on a blind date, she should ideally have the YWCA Safety Siren app on her phone – just in case her date turns out to be a sicko. Several Android and iPhone application development companies in India have recently released many other women safety applications as well. Complete eradication of violence against women is still a long way off, but these mobile apps can certainly diminish the day-to-day risks a lady has to face.

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