Three Unique Ways That You Can Use Wood

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While modern houses are all the rage these days, there is also a resurgence of individuals who want to bring in the outdoors. One way to do just that is through wooden furniture. While you may not be on board with the entire idea of cutting more trees in order to decorate your space, slabs of wood which are either salvaged or made from what were once thought to be unusable parts of the tree can actually send an environmental message to your family and friends.

Problem of working with wood.

Some homeowners find that the problem of working with slabs of wood which are neither rectangle, square or any kind of shape for that matter is that they can be difficult to match with the rest of your furniture. With a little creativity and a bit of help from known design rules, you can definitely make it happen.


Make use of some contrast.

These slabs of wood would most likely lack the straight edges and lines which are very much common in traditional furniture. One way that you can reconcile the irregular curves is by pairing them with pieces of furniture which highlight straight and sleek lines. For instance, a dining set which is composed of a live-edges table would look acceptable, and even a bit fashion forward, when paired with dining chairs that are quite angular and made of metal. The metal also helps to make the wooden table more modern instead of too rustic.


Use the inherent beauty of the wood to bind all elements together.

Celebrate wood as a design element by making it the common denominator for all of the pieces of furnishings that you have going on. For instance, a formal dining room could use a wooden console with intricate designs. For your dining table, pick out a standard rectangular dining table but this time with beautiful grain. To complete the entire look, pair the dining table with chairs that also have their own unique stylings. One great choice in that situation would be wooden chairs with ladder backings.

Another example of how you can bring together the elements of your design using rustic wood is by incorporating the overall feeling that it evokes and using it as a concept for the room. For instance, a headboard that follows the natural shape of the tree adds a romantic feel to the entire room and can be used to set the entire tone of the space.


Use it as a form of sculpture.

While it may seem unusual for wood to be used as a decorative item unless it was shaped into something which follows the traditional concept of aesthetics, art has stretched its bounds in the recent years. The raw and irregular form of wood is actually something worth noticing and admiring. A lot of furniture stores carry wooden sculptures which are interesting because of the way that they take advantage wood’s free-form. And they make for excellent focal points for the room, too.

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